Steve Masiello – Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Manhattan College,  2-Time MAAC Champion (’14 &’15)  / 2014 Metropolitan Coach of the Year:

“Jason Papalio was essential to our success this season. He is the consummate professional and worked very well with my team, while being extremely helpful to my staff and I in pushing our players to fulfill their athletic potential and goals.”


Alecko Eskandarian – Assistant Coach at The New York Cosmos, NASL Champions: 2013, 2015 & 2016

“I found it very helpful to work with Jason first had and it was extremely beneficial for our team as well. As a professional athlete, taking care of your body and being able to maintain that is crucial to success. Jason was extremely professional and was able to work within our hectic schedule to help keep us healthy and at our peak, when it mattered the most.”


Grant Billmeier – Seton Hall Basketball Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach – 2015 Big East Champions – 2015, 2016 & 2017 Nationally Ranked (Top25) + NCAA Tournament:

“Jason did an unbelievable job with our team.  We were very happy with the work he did, which helped our team out a great deal.  Our players looked forward to working with Jason, because, they reaped the benefits of his work.”


John Gallagher – Head Men’s Basketball Coach at University of Hartford:

“Jason did a terrific job of assessing our group’s needs, devising the proper program for our team, and executing it with tremendous detail.  He related to our guys very well while pushing them to get the most out of his productive program.  We are in a very competitive business, and Jason understands that completely.  However, he recognized also that these athletes were doing this for the very first time in their lives.  So, he gradually built up their bodies, and also helped them recover well after multiple weeks of grueling Division I basketball. We look forward to working with him in the future.”


Rob Sheppard – Head Baseball Coach at Seton Hall University, 2011 Big East Champions & NCAA Regional, 2014 Nationally Ranked:

“On behalf of the Seton Hall University Baseball program we send our sincere appreciation for your work with our team.  You have done a tremendous job of challenging our players through yoga.  Encouraging them to increase their flexibility and allowing them to maximize their athletic potential.  The sessions are great for: balance, stretching and concentration.  Each session brings a mind and body awareness that is essential to healthier athletes.”


Rene Ruiz – Assistant Baseball Coach/Recruiting Coordinator at Manhattan College, 2006, 2011, & 2012 MAAC Baseball Champions:

“Jason Papalio was a great addition to our baseball program and a pleasure to work with. He clearly demonstrated his passion for teaching and developing athletes through yoga. Jason is knowledgeable in his field and did an excellent job of creating a positive experience for our players. I recommend Jason to any program seeking a quality yoga instructor.”


Wayne Mazzoni – Pitching Coach at Sacred Heart University,  NCAA Regional: 2006, 2011, 2012, & 2015:

“Jason did a wonderful job with the pitchers. He works the body of course but the mind as well. He tailored the sessions to the needs of our guys and they enjoyed seeing their improvement. Personally if I had to pick one form of exercise for my guys it would be yoga and the one teacher would be Jason.”


Nick Giaquinto – Head Baseball Coach at Sacred Heart University,  NCAA Regional: 2006, 2011, 2012, & 2015:

“Jason did a great job last fall working with the Sacred Heart University pitching staff. The baseball specific yoga helped our student athletes increase flexibility and strength.”


Chawwadee Rompothong – Head Women’s Golf Coach at Yale University,  IVY League Champions: 2006, 2011, IVY League Coach of the Year: 2015

“Working with Jason was great. The team really took to his teaching and he tailored the yoga to our golf specific needs. He really knows his stuff and went that extra step!”


John Buck – Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Long Island Lutheran (LuHI) High School, 2011 Class A NY State Coach of the Year, Class A NY Federation Champs 11 & 12, Class AA Federation Finalisits 13 & 14:

“The basketball season is a long, often grueling, five to six month journey. Our team undoubtedly benefited from working with Jason  throughout the year. His sessions helped our players stay injury free and mentally sharp. Working with Jason also provided a trusted voice for our players. Jason is not just a yoga instructor, but a coach who teaches skills necessary for athletes to reach their physical and mental potential. I am excited to continue working with him.”


Robert Montague – Head Varsity Boys Crew Coach at Greenwich Water Club: 2015 Varsity Men qualify their Varisty 8+ and Lightweight 8+ for the US Rowing Youth Nationals:

“As a coach, I am constantly looking for ways to push my athletes to the next level. Two common limitations among the high school rowers that I work with are mobility and body awareness. Our weekly yoga classes helped my team develop increased hamstring flexibility and better balance, which translated to longer, smoother strokes on the water. I encourage my athletes to maintain their flexibility during the season and I hope that we will continue to incorporate yoga into our winter training.  Several athletes mentioned that Jason was more diligent than past instructors, which I was glad to hear. I want my athletes to take all aspects of their training seriously and I appreciate Jason’s support in developing that culture.”


Andy Borman: New York Reniassance (RENS) – Executive Director & U17 Coach – Nike EYBL

“Jason is an integral part of our players development. His professionalism and his knowledge of how to improve core body strength and function allows our players to operate at the highest level week in an week out. He allows our players to develop and prepare for college in a high school and grassroots setting.”


Patrick Massaroni – Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Archbishop Stepinac, Class AA NY Federation & Catholic (CHSAA) Champs 2018:

“It was a pleasure working with Jason. He adds a different element to the game and recovery when it comes to high level athletes.”


Steve Alverado – Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Iona Prep, & NY Renaissance U16 Coach

“We had a great experience working with Jason this past season. Our players always looked forward to his sessions and remarked how “great’ they felt the next morning. I think part of the reason we stayed relatively free of nagging injuries was due to his protocols. He constantly introduced new concepts into his routines to keep the players engaged and focused. We will definitely use him the upcoming season and highly recommend him.”