Athletic Recovery System:

The main benefit of our unique Athletic Recovery System is “Injury Prevention.”

Our system carefully considers the different physical requirements and movement patterns of athletes in particular positions, in particular sports.

This is important, because the consequences that repetitive movement has on the body are different based on these variables.

Through this Athletic Recovery System, you’ll be able to move and react more quickly, giving you that competitive edge that all athletes are after. You’ll experience less fatigue, enjoy increased levels of preparedness, and ultimately greater performance.

The four key attributes of this system are:

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Our system will carry you through sport specific movement patterns through select yoga poses. When you then go to perform these same movements on the field or on the court, you’ll be able to do so, effortlessly.

Practicing sport specific yoga makes you less susceptible to injury as well, since you’ll notice warning signs as soon as they arise, allowing you to address them before they become problems. Enjoy greater range of motion and better functional movement as related to your chosen sport and position. Taking care of your body through sport specific yoga will add years to your career.


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90% of Performance is Mental! Event plus Response equals Outcome. E+R=O, Key techniques and tools we use to improve an Athletes Mental Focus and Performance are: Visualization, Scripting, Positive Thinking, Meditation, Sport Specific Yoga, Mindfulness, and The Miracle Ball Method. A Successful Response isn’t impulsive but can be taught. Successful people change the Response to the Event until they get the Outcome they desire. We have the ability to ‘Choose’ our Response to an Event or stimulus (because we have Free Agency). Everything you think, say and do, needs to become intentional and aligned with: your Purpose, your Values, and your Goals. The mental barrier is the biggest barrier to physical success. So let’s tear it down.


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A Mindful Athlete is able to remain totally in the moment, which has been linked to enhanced performance… i.e.: playing in “The Zone.” Our unique Mindfulness Training Approach incorporates: Mindful Breathing, Meditation, Body Scan, and Paying Attention to your Internal and External Messages. Mindfulness is such a vital skill for an athlete and team to practice: Sitting still, being quiet, controlling your breath, plus allowing yourself to be in the moment are all hugely underestimated talents that make a huge difference in game play.

To be able to divorce yourself from what just happened (a referee’s bad call, or an issue that goes on individually or against your opponent) is a huge competitive advantage. You’ve got to be able to come back and center yourself again. That’s where mindfulness comes in to play.


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The Miracle Ball Method is an innovative approach to movement, whereby excess tension in our muscles gets relieved, allowing for more freedom of movement. The Method focuses on letting the body weight become absorbed by ‘2 Small Balls’ using gravity, breathing fully, and performing small micro-movements. The secret lies in the training of the ‘Nervous System’ where by most exercises focus on moving your muscles. Attention and awareness is brought to all parts of your body, helping to ease the ‘Holding’ in the muscles of chronically stiff area   – Elaine Petrone Method


Recovery Benefits for Athletes