Athletic Recovery Specialist

You only get one body to carry you through this life. If you’re an Athlete: Professional, Amateur or Weekend Warrior—your particular body endures more than its share of abuse. Especially if you’re not giving it ample recovery time.

An Athletic Recovery Program is your best insurance plan against the wear and tear you put on your body.

With a primary focus on “Injury Prevention”, we introduce Athletes to our Holistic Recovery Training System: Sport Specific Yoga, Mental Training, Mindfulness, and The Miracle Ball Method. All techniques effective towards preventing strain on the body. Programs

Join the World-Class Athletes currently working with us to restore and recharge their bodies back to peak performance while helping to prevent injury.

Jason Meditation Cove Park May 2015

Connect with your Body

Our unique systematic approach to Athletic Recovery helps Athletes discover that mind body connection which can make all the difference between winning and losing. Athletes specifically benefit by taking time out to: Restore and Recharge their body back to 100%!

Jason Papalio, Athletic Recovery Specialist, implements a sport specific approach to his system, helping athletes reach their maximum potential with improved mental focus to gain superior results on and off the field.

When you’re ready for an Athletic Recovery System customized for your position in your chosen sport, contact us. We’ll teach you to connect with your body and be aware of it, unlike anything else in the world of sports!

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