Parents who have false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions about their children even when confronted with the facts. It It does seem that their is something in their genetic make up that makes parents feel that their children are always better than they actually are. When people have unrealistic expectations of their children’s athletic ability, they put unnecessary pressure on them to perform to a potentially unrealistic standard.


Instead of appreciating their coach, parents begin to think Johnny should play more, be praised more at practice, etc. Parents have these post-practice or post-game conversations in the car with their children, dissecting and inflating the importance of the a ten year olds game, when all the kid wants to know is if they will take them out for some ice-cream.

These situations negatively impact the athlete – teammate, athlete – coach, and most importantly child – parent relationship. It instills a belief within our children that they are not living up to their parents expectations, they / we do not take responsibility and the blame game begins – rather than finding the passion and desire within themselves to improve and reach their goals. It starts with putting the kids in youth sports from the right reasons – teamwork, communication, etc.