Power Yoga For Sports – 6 Major Facets: Balance, Strength, Flexibility, Focus, Breathing, & Mental Toughness / Mindfulness. Strength + Flexibility = Power.


Sport Specific: Yoga is so beneficial for athletes: rest, recovery, rejuvenation, regeneration, injury prevention, etc. The common myth about yoga is flexibility improvements but yoga gives so much more. Each specific sport can get an added benefit: (1) Baseball – Pitchers – can reduce Tommy John Surgery by opening the shoulders & improving balance, (2) Basketball – can reduce knee injuries by opening the hips, (3) Football – opposite of physical contact / brute force – yoga is more – stillness, breathing, quieting the mind, (4) Soccer – improves mental focus – two ~45min halves (non-stop), running time, (5) Hockey – improves balance – games is played on ice, using skates with blades attached to the bottom, etc… The benefits of sport specific yoga go on & on & on, etc. The 1st, most important thing is trying, taking action – actually showing up & doing yoga on the mat. It’s about being open to the possibilities it can bring!

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Many – High Schools, Colleges/Universities, Professional Teams – are doing Yoga with their sports teams on a regular basis / weekly basis – team training or optional as individual training. They can bring in a ‘Team Yoga Coach’ – such as Me – someone independent from the coaching staff, different voice in general provides an added benefit to the team / players. Plus, having the – Men / Women – with their sneakers off – on the mat / floor is amazing for them. Most sports are played running / standing up – the pounding / heavy weight bearing on the feet is enormous. Ex) ~300 / 400 pounds of weight for offensive lineman in football vs 6’10” or so for basketball players. These human being move much different than the average person. In the end, less is more – rest/recovery – is so so so important. Just as much as: skill work, performance training, strength & conditioning are done daily/weekly with athletes – so should a regular sport specific yoga practice. Many other variables play into an athlete – proper nutrition, the right amount of sleep, message, chiropractors, MAT, etc. These all add to the full circle / chain link fence – if 1 important piece is missing the circle / fence is not as strong!


Coaches, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Ex-Players – are at the forefront of this growing revolution. Ex) Chip Kelly (Philadelphia Eagles – Head Coach, NFL), Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks – Head Coach, NFL), Phil Jackson (NY Knicks – General Manger – NBA), University of Kentucky Basketball Team (College), etc… In general, more & more men are doing yoga over the years – it’s more mainstream, accepted in society as a whole. In the last ~5years or more, we have seen great strides & testimonials from Athletes doing Yoga: Kevin Love (NBA), A-Rod (MLB), Aaron Rodgers (NFL), Jordan Speith (PGA), etc. Their are more ‘Team / Yoga Coaches’ – that are bring this to the forefront of the sports world: Gwen Lawrence, Tonja Renee Hall, Kent Katich, Keith Mitchell, Myself, etc. The benefits to sports specific yoga are enormous!!!


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