Excuse: To forgive or pardon. To waive any negative feeling or desire for punishment. Forgiveness for an offense.


It’s easier to make an excuse for something than to actually go out and take action. It’s easier to: procrastinate, I’m too busy, I forgot, etc. A few other ones: I don’t have time, I’m too tired, I’ve got a headache, etc. Any of these ring true to you? Excuses pull you away from your goal(s), the one main thing! People in general have a problem with commitment. It’s so much easier to make an excuse, than to take responsibility for your actions or non-actions. We all have the freedom of choice – an excuse is also a choice.


The truth hurts in the end! If we face the truth head on it involves a lot of work / internal work to tackle (one brick at a time). It’s so much easier to avoid it, complain or play victim to it. Any of this ring true to you? If we are to face the truth, the problem, our life’s issues – we have to change. The possibilities are limitless if you can find it in you to accept change.


This might seem like a scary proposition – you’ll loose control or have to give up control, wow. We all love to be in control! The more out of control things are, the more chance for growth! The more chances for growth – the greater your options / possibilities will increase in time. Opportunities that arise can be scary: What if it doesn’t work out? I can’t change? I’m afraid of the unknown? etc.


So much of this is your mindset. Having a positive attitude will help your though the rigors of the day. A lot of energy is waisted focusing on the negative & things you can’t do. Example) If I were to get let go from my job / laid off – what will I do next? How will I pay the bills? What type of work can I do next? Will other people / companies hire me? Should I start my own business? etc. Have a plan, stick to it and focus on what you can do – right here, right now – this will get you though it. The past you can learn from but can’t change. The future you can strive towards but it’s far / further away. All we have is this current breathing second. Give your 100% to it. Life was not meant to hard. We just make it harder than it is!


Book Recommendation: ‘The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment’ – Maria Nemeth Ph.D