Does Success = Money ($), accumulation of wealth, fancy cars, big house, fame, etc. Or is it a felling of ‘Happiness’ – an inside job? Achieving goals no matter how small they are = success. It’s the process that’s just as important or more important that the final outcome. The daily steps / achievements are what leads to success. It’s also just as much about a positive mindset: yes I can, dream big, work hard, focus on the now, being present & mindful, etc. The consequences / outcome is a result of the process and journey – one day at a time!


Success on your yoga mat: Showing up to your mat (at home, to a public class, etc.), no matter how you feel – daily, weekly, etc. Scheduling the time and the actual process of doing is success. It really does take a lot of work and planning – time management is key – getting to class for one hour, trying to stay focused and present for that hour during that yoga class, etc. Each subsequent step (time on the mat) leads to greater internal change and happiness. 3 questions to ask yourself on your mat: (1) Where are your thoughts taking you? (2) What are you feeling (grounded / body / earth)? (3) How is your breathing (upper chest, side body, belly) – conscious breathing / aware of breath (AOB)?


Success as an athlete: How do you reach your optimal / maximum potential as an athlete? What steps are need to be taken daily to get to there? – set an intention for each day, positive mindset, skills training, performance training, recovery training, nutrition & hydration, mental training, etc. The key to success for an athlete is consistency – perform at the highest level in all attributes of your training + on the court / field of play. Making daily improvements – speed, agility, strength, mobility, flexibility, injury prevention, etc.  Learn to take care of your body and focus on athletic recovery – success as an athlete depends on your being healthy and staying off the trainer table.


Success: Something that happens as a consequence of the outcome or results. The achievement of one’s aim or goal. The fact of getting or achieving, wealth, respect of time, etc…