Motivation: Willingness of action especially in behavior. Encourage. To provide someone with an incentive to do something. Incentive or reason for doing something.


What is Your Daily Motivation?: To be happy, provide for yourself & your family, live today in the moment, live for another day, you love your job & co-workers, family time, friends, exercise, money, traveling, etc. How do you master your day?  Wake up with a positive attitude &  energy level. First and foremost, get a good nights sleep. Do not sweat / let the little things bother you: traffic to & from work (crappy commute), other peoples bad attitudes, feeling rushed & going 1,000 miles an hour, etc. Have a singular daily focus – attack your goals & dreams. Make your top priority. What are you passionate about? Ask yourself questions daily – introspective? Go after it, nothing is holding you back.


For Me Personally: Power Yoga For Sports (PYFS) – teaching sport specific yoga to college athletes & teams. Eventually, the next step is teaching sport specific yoga to professional players & professional teams (soon come). My daily focus is connecting with key people in my specific industry (niche): yoga professionals (teachers, studio mangers), college coaches, professional coaching staffs, trainers + strength & conditioning coaches, etc. This involves: e-mails, phone calls, text messages, social media (Instagram Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), face to face meetings, etc. It might take ~10 times across all these various mediums to get in touch or even get a reply from one of these connections. From their, it’s building a relationship: showing them what added value I provide & working towards a face to face meeting or demo for the coaches, staff & players. This might take: weeks, months, etc. It’s constant follow up, after the initial connect.

This is my one singular focus. Expand my business & grow it every single day. Get 1% better each day – laying one brick at a time. You can’t get frustrated when people say No or do not get back to you – might be bad timing or various other factors. It takes times to build a relationship & trust. I just have to keep showing them the added value I can provide to their athletes & the benefits of the program – give them the Why. This makes me very happy & is my true passion. I love teaching & instructing – working with athletes in particular. I love to teach in general – regular yoga classes at studios & gym + cycle classes at studios & gyms, etc. Power Yoga For Sports (PYFS) is my daily motivation – it wakes me up each moving with a fire in my belly. On top of teaching & training athletes – I love to learn – getting the best training possible for my niche (the breathing project NYC in 2015 / 2016). Attend other yoga seminars & worships through out the year. Also, attending yoga classes with innovate teachers, expand my home practice (YogaGlo), even if just one yoga pose a day.


Why Athletes for Me?: I love working with athletes. I love being around athletes & sports in general. I still consider myself an athletes – I compete in various Duathlons through out the year. Athletes need the: rest, recovery, rejuvenation, conscious relaxation, etc. Yoga provides a balance to our hectic lives – allow yourself to breathe, slow down, harness their mental game, make it fun for them, etc. Sometimes its holding poses a little longer (~1/2/5 minutes) – builds mental toughness – which they can take from the yoga mat onto the court / field. Athletes need a different voice from the coaching staff – an independent 3rd party, just another voice (another way). Just being with their shoes off is a great plus since athletes are in their shoes hours upon hours daily – practicing, weight room, games, etc. In the end: I Love It!


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