Jason Meditation Cove Park May 2015

How do we become more present in our daily lives? It’s at times easier to describe what presence is not. It’s anything that takes you away from the current moment, right here and right now. Thinking about or dwelling on the past or forecasting the future. Example: having a conversation with a friend for ~5 minutes and once the friend walks away, it’s all becomes a blur. You can’t remember what the conversation was about. Almost that gaze or glassy eye feeling, where you are here but not really here. It can also be that feeling of being helpless or phony or even lost. We need to worry less about the impression we make on others and more focusing inward on yourself. You can control the situation and outcome with your presence and power.

Life can be stressful and terrifying at times, if we allow it to. We do not have to dread going to work or making that presentation or going on a job interview. We need to focus on being confident, inner confidence and power (powerful). I’m also talking about our nonverbal cues: body language, posture, eye contact, etc. Life has tens of thousands of moments and interactions. Each one involves our presence, weather we know it or not. The person and people on the outside can tell if your engaged, confident and present. Always put your best foot forward in the right here and right now. You do not get a second chance to make that impression.

Take a bold step daily and challenge yourself to be engaging in conversation. Weather you think of yourself as an introvert or extravert. Make yourself available and alive in interactions and conversations. Master the moment, rarely do you get a do over. Even a warm hello to a coworker, is a start. Once that moment is gone, it’s pretty much gone forever. Live for the Now!!! Allow yourself to relax, life does have to be one million miles an hour. Less is more.

While playing sports, presence and mindfulness are two common buzzwords as of recent. Through out a game or playing contest their are tons of times to overthink and overanalyze things. Once you can free yourself, the game can flow. Getting into a flow mindset is playing with presence and being mindful. I recommend taking up yoga and also starting a meditation practice daily. Each can help connect the mind to the body and the breathe. What you do on your mat and in stillness (meditation), can more often than not translate to on the: court, field, and ice. Example: a referee makes a call, you do not agree with you. At that moment your about to loose your cool and get a technical foul. Instead you take a breathe or two before reacting and re-center yourself. You now have the power and can control the outcome and situation. In that moment you have become present.


Book Recommendation: Presence: Brining Your Boldest Self To Your Biggest Challenges – Amy Cuddy