Inspire: To infuse into the mind, to communicate, to the spirit, to convey, as by a divine or supernatural influence, to disclose pre naturally to produce in, as by inspiration.


What Makes You Tick? What Inspires You? What Motivates You?: Ask yourself these questions daily – self inquiry – find the inner strength / peace to preserve, find it in you! One idea – do a few minutes of daily meditation ~2/3minutes to start out, than building up to ~5-10minutes or more. The process of starting & sticking to a regular schedule, daily is what creates the habit. Also – do a few yoga poses daily – start with ~1/2 yoga poses daily & build upon this into a regular home yoga practice of ~15-30minutes or more. Start by connecting your breathing to your movement – cat/cow pose – inhale up / exhale down, take ~5 breathes in down dog, do a few rounds of sun salutations, stay in pigeon pose for ~1mins on each side,  etc. Allow the process to evolve – the part of staying & breathing gets easier overtime – remember it’s a process…We all find different types of inspiration in our lives – bulletin board material. In the end – the internal work must be done by you – only you can can make it happen / push yourself to greatness! You do have control of your: reactions, emotions, thoughts, energy level! Do not let others control you – take control of your life – one step / one day at a time – nothing is holding you back!


Inspiration in Sports: Motivates, Stimulates, Encourage, Take Action, etc. This might be as simple as picking up a teammate in practice or a game that is feeling down – Relax / Breathe. 1) Basketball: It’s ok – if your shooting 1-10 in a basketball game, quarters 1-3, we need you at the end of the game. Focus – make these last two free throws, let the past go – focus in on – right here / right now in the 4th quarter – time to get on a  role, positive momentum, etc. 2) Baseball: The pitcher is struggling to find the strike zone – coaches/catcher comes to the mound – let’s do a  few rounds of breathing, tell a funny joke/lighten the mood. Try to get your mind off the seriousness of the game for a quick moment, positive/constructive pep talk, trust your stuff, etc. 3) Football: The kicker missed the last field goal – teammates on the sideline pat him on the back – it’s ok – go get the next one – stay in the game, were all not perfect. There are so many ups & downs in a sporting match – find things to keep the fire going & that keep your grounded – day in & day out.


You Must Love What You Do / Do What You Love!: If you are passionate about something, I promise, you will work 100 times harder at it! The same old habits & routines will not break you down.It’s takes time to re-pattern. Your used to doing it the same old way – time over time, years over years, etc. You’ll find a way to get it done, hopefully, a new way. It’s mind over matter, the no quit attitude, you are more than capable. Not just saying these things to yourself but the deep down belief that you are capable. It’s a mindset – reading the positive quotes daily will only get you so far. It’s the process of the daily inner work – ups & downs – doing yoga, practicing meditation – going out into the world daily with a positive mindset: I can, I will, I am. Not letting others take you down with them – negative peoples bringing you down with them. You either have to separate from these individuals overtime or control your emotions/reactions to them – so your energy level & positive mindset does not go down with them. You are more than capable! Positive beliefs, find that extra-gear / no quit attitude! Learn to trust yourself / trust the process, enjoy life, live life to the fullest!