“Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical” – Yogi Berra. The mental barrier is the biggest barrier to physical success. What are you as an athlete doing for the mental component of your game? Are you spending time – reading books on mental training, overcoming obstacles, athletes stories, or practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques? A mindful athlete is much more likely to experience a feeling of being totally in the moment, which has been linked to enhanced performance, such as ‘Playing in the Zone!’ Are you working with a mental coach, sports psychologist, or leadership coach? Are you using a smartphone apps such as: Head Trainer? Is your coach working on the mental aspect – positive thought provoking techniques, visualization, scripting tools and techniques, setting smart goals, etc.


You can be the fastest and strongest athlete out their but if the mental focus is not their, you are missing more than half of the complete package. Mental focus and performance are tied at the hip – one is not independent from the other. You need to possess or build that inner: drive, dedication, determination, etc. Set smart goals and write them down on paper, revise them every quarter or more, post them around your house or apartment so you can see them daily + carry them in your wallet. Seeing them on paper, the process of writing them out makes them more clear and real to you. It’s also part of the process to enjoy – positive self-talk, and intellectually thinking about your goals.


The mental component of training needs to be incorporated into your regular training regiment, as much or more than the physical component. Take time daily to practice yoga – specific to your sports and as granular as position specific for your sport. Are you taking time daily to focus on: conscious breathing and meditation? ~5/10 minutes to start out. Allowing the mind to: slow down, being quite, sitting still – come towards stillness and your center is a valuable skill to have as an athlete. What happens when the referee makes a bad call? – do you throw a tantrum, loose focus at that specific moment, or can you re-center? In football, as a quarterback, you throw an interception – do you pout about it and keep thinking about that one interception all game long or can you re-center to the present moment and more on to that next play?