Basketball players are made between the months of: June – September. Most of us are on vacation, or looking for the the best summertime events to crash. NBA players sweat out grueling workout regiments from sunrise to sunset. This may require altering their diets, and mechanically breaking down every facet of their game to kill off bad habits. Every player knows that if they don’t produce stellar statistics and stay healthy, they’ll get replaced.

Some of the key components are: wake up early, eat breakfast, strength and conditioning, performance, recovery, on court basketball development, etc. They make a conscious choice to leave and push their comfort zone! To push past what you are capable of doing. It is giving as much as you have at that moment.

When things get uncomfortable, do you break down or do you push ahead? The great ones work hard consistently. Anyone can work hard occasionally. Working hard (unseen hours), is the leading characteristic and a trait each of us has one hundred percent control over. Working hard (unseen hours) is a choice!