‘Trust The Process’, wholly, completely, no need to know what is unfolding or why but simply be their / here in the present to experience it. Their is a divine plan moving you / us through life. Even at times you may not 100% completely understand what’s unfolding right now, you must have an unshakable sense of trust that the reason this is happening is because the circumstances are rearranging for your higher good. For all this to unfold the decision or the shift must be internal. Your personal happiness is truly an internal choice that you can make.

All we can do is take one moment at a time, placing deep faith and guidance, and a profound sense of trust in the unknown – Let Go!!! This involves placing / allowing faith in the unknown, which can be scary at times. Having faith requires you to close your eyes, take attention off the world around you and bring your awareness inward. This is where the: Breathe, Yoga, Meditation – all come in. Allow yourself to be guided by an inner force. Seek deeper to only find your answer within.

Release your need to know, to control or see any further ahead than the moment, right now. You have to continue to build each and every single day.


Was Sam Hinkie ex-GM of the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA correct in his assertion of ‘Trust The Process’?

“They tell us every game, every day, ‘Trust the Process,’ ” guard Tony Wooten says. “Just continue to build.” The mantra is so pervasive that there is only one person on the team who even comes close to explicitly mentioning an NBA title — a Result, instead of The Process — when I ask about goals. The Philadelphia 76ers radical guide to winning

Investing in disruptive innovation doesn’t ferment misunderstanding, it necessitates it. Jeff Bezos says it this way: “There are a few prerequisites to inventing…You have to be willing to fail. You have to be willing to think long-term. You have to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time.” Sam Hinkie – Resignation Letter