Soccer Specific Yoga has many benefits, loosens the muscles (makes them more supple), take pressure off the joints, and keeps you fit. It tests parts of your body that you just don’t use in soccer. It’s also a great compliment and many professional soccer players swear by it. Yoga is more than stretching, it creates balance by increasing: strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance through a series of poses. What yoga can do for soccer players: (1) help reduce injuries, (2) increase flexibility, (3) bolster endurance, (4) strengthen the core, and (5) improve joint strength through low impact exercise. Some yoga poses / postures look awkward, but if you look at the pictures of a soccer player taking a shot, their body will be in a really awkward looking position too, because they are off balance. When you explode with pace and kick the ball, you need flexibility and strength and the yoga really helps build that.



  1. Hero’s Pose – Toes Tucked & Un-Tucked:

Hero Toes Tucked Mantra

Soccer being one of the fastest and acrobatic sports, it is critical to open / stretch the: lower legs from the shins to the top of the foot, calves, achilles tendon to the bottom of the foot and under the toes.



2. Pigeon Pose:

jason pigeon pose

Pigeon is a great way to keep the hips and glutes open. It’s so so important to keep the hips flexible in relation to lessening the stress, strain, and injury to the all important knee joint. Doing this pose for several minutes on each side, daily, will maintain a supple hip.



3. Triangle Pose:

jason triangle pose

Triangle pose is a great way for soccer players to stretch the inner thigh and side body, which will increase breath capacity, as well as strengthen and stabilize the core.