Volleyball is a sport requiring the players to jump high and dive low, while fully involving the shoulders. As a full body sport, players must have the strength and flexibility in both the upper body and lower body with quick and balanced reflexes. When the core is strong, the increased coordination will help players move around the court more efficiently and effectively, plus be less prone to injury. Yoga provides volleyball players a chance to decompress mentally, while stretching, lengthening and building strength. With volleyball, their are repetitive motions (repetition) causing imbalances in the body, aches and pains, and can result in injuries. In order to help counterbalance this, its important to do some type of practice (yoga) that can help bring balance and harmony back to the body and also help you reach your maximum potential as a volleyball player.



  1. Plank

Plank Wrist Turns Mantra

Strengthens the abdominals, increasing control and explosiveness on the court. Plank also builds strong arms and breeds nice open wrists and forearms for a more relaxed serve or set. Plank Pose shown above as Plank Wrist Turns (one at a time) which makes it a multitasking pose, turning up the heat and fire, commanding the abs to work a little harder.



2. Chair

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Chair is a great pose to strengthen the quadriceps and back as well as a gentle opening for the calves and achilles tendon. This pose also challenging the abs and core, supporting the back more completely. You can also add in a twist to either side (not shown) to give a much needed release of built up excess tension in the back.



3. Downward Dog

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Your hands, shoulders, calves, achilles tendon, back, core, feet and ankles are all stretched out in this pose. This pose will allow you to start your warm-ups on the court with overall mobility. Not only does this pose add a great strength component to it,  holding up your whole body weight but will ultimately elevate the magnitude of power in your game on the court.