Unlike many sports that require brute strength or speed, tennis is a mental game as well. That is why yoga is perfect for cross-training. A big part of tennis is getting rid of the inner chatter, which yoga does. So when you get into the match, instead of thinking, oh, I have to win this point, you have trained your mind to be still. Using breathing techniques relaxes the tennis player and makes them feel like they’re exerting less effort. Yoga can also help your game by making you stronger and less prone to injury. Yoga teaches how to create power through relaxation, rather than muscle tension. Tennis players often have problems with their: knees, ankles, shoulders, hips and wrists. So you really need to spend sometime on those areas to get the tension out (release the tension). Flexibility is one of the most important things in tennis as you have to leverage your body every square inch to reach a ball.




  1. Wrist Openers:

Plank Wrist Turns CloseUp Mantra2

A critical stretch for a tennis player to consider adding is wrist openers. Often overlooked but perhaps the most important stretch you can add to your warm-up or cool-down. Can strengthen your grip, and stretches the flexors and extensors of the forearms.




2. Seated Twist:

Seated Twist Mantra

One of the best yoga poses to do for warming up your spine and synchronizing your breath with your movement. It’s important to do this pre-match, since tennis players require greater range of motion in the spine in all directions, especially rotation.




3. Low Lunge:


Lunges are imperative for tennis players, since it’s a lunge position / dominant sport. There wouldn’t be one minute where a a tennis player is not making a spectacular lunge save. The particular pose opens the: hip flexors, quadriceps, ankles, calves, as well as the torso.