Perfect time for a post on skiing, we got our first dusting of snow and winter chill in the northeast. The biggest benefit yoga can bring to skiing is injury prevention. For skiers who hit the slopes periodically, the athletic requirements are often too tough, many individuals end up injured and disillusioned with the sport. Skiing asks a lot of the body: cold muscles are called upon to perform a variety of functions, while dexterity, balance and high levels of concentration are a must. By observing your bodies imbalances, brought on by the particular movement of skiing, and employing a yoga program to bring your body closer to equilibrium, you can avert injury and participate in the sport for years to come. If you overcompensate in one area, you weaken another, thus preventing yourself from being able to perform at your peak.


  1. Chair Pose:

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Chair pose literally and figuratively simulates the skiing position (except arms would be by your sides, holding your poles). It strengthens the legs and back, as well as the inner thighs. It also a challenging stretch for the often overlooked achilles tendon.



2.  Warrior 1 Pose:

jason warrior1

Warrior 1 is a great pose to strengthen the thigh and stabilize the knee, plus at the same time strengthens the back as well. This pose can be held for one to two minutes or more to challenge the skier to build needed stamina for a full day on the slopes.



3. Plank with Wrist Turns:

Plank Wrist Turns Mantra

Plank not only builds core strength for the skier but strong arms, wrists, and forearms for a much more relaxed grip on the ski poles. This is definitely a multitasking pose – one wrist at a time – hold 30 seconds or so for each wrist.