Hockey is an aggressive sport that requires intense power and the ability to withstand high-velicoity collisions on the fly. Hockey requires more than sheer strength and muscular bulk, leading to reduced or limited flexibility, which can hinder performance. For those two reason’s, it’s a delicate balance of maximum strength with lean mass and flexibility and balance to maintain speed and agility on the ice. Yoga can offer hockey players greater mobility, flexibility and core stabilization to enable the exertion of maximum power, avoidance (reduction) of injuries and enhanced balance. Beyond building body control and awareness, yoga allows athletes to use their breath as a bridge between mind and body, enhancing reaction time and limiting the performance-killing effects of mental stress. Playing a high velocity game such as hockey with enough mental clarity to anticipate where the puck is going, takes solid concentration of mind and body.



  1. Triangle Pose:

jason triangle pose

A great pose for hockey players because the sports played on ice putting a high demand on the: thighs, hips, legs, achilles, feet, etc. Triangle opens the hips and legs in general and also strengthens the back and abs/obliques, so a player can have more power to push off and change direction on the fly.



2. Lunge Twist:

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Lunge twist, increases spinal rotation, which is so critical in the game of hockey. Strong and deep rotation allows the player to respond and react to the direction of the play while besoming quicker, more agile and stronger. This pose can also be done with the back knee on the ground.



3. Frog:

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Frog is the perfect pose for long hours on the ice. Skating on ice (a very unstable surface), requiring the inner thighs constant demand to work harder. Frog pose can can be done pre or post game and the hold can be built up to 3 to 5 minutes and beyond, releasing tension and increasing a hockey players stride.