Yoga is a great compliment for your gymnastics program. It not only enhances your physical condition and improves your level of concentration but also helps you relax and provides balance to your rigorous gymnastics routine. Gymnasts must be agile enough to perform their routines with fluidity and grace, but they also need to be strong enough to achieve and hold specific poses (as in yoga). The breathing associate in yoga postures will aid in getting extra oxygen to the muscles which will help eliminate: muscle fatigue, tension and soreness. Gymnasts can learn to visualize success before the event and to breath out the negative energy and nervousness that occurs before performing. Yoga is a tool to achieve the greatest possible success in any competition or practice session.



  1. Face Down Shoulder Stretch

Shoulder Stretch Mantra

Perfect pose for a long / longer deep hold. Great for overall opening in the: chest, shoulders, biceps and better overall range of motion in the joints. Also great to increase spinal rotation. This is a good compliment for anyone doing the: Rings or Parallel Bars.



2. Downward Dog

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Gymnasts need overall flexibility in general. Doing downward dog stretches and opens the: shoulders, chest, and hamstrings, as well as building stretch in the arms and shoulders for crucial for moves that involve strength, power and precision. So great for those doing a: Floor Exercise or Routine.


3. Warrior 3

Warrior 3 Mantra3

While this exact pose might not be mimicked in gymnastics, it’s important for building: stability, strength and flexibility in the ankles, achilles tendon, hip, and glutes while training your balance. Strong legs, quadriceps and flexible ankles are need to be powerful to push off for moves of a gymnast, example: Vault.