Yoga is one of the easiest ways to restore, improve, and maintain optimal movement patterns and maximize golf performance. Yoga is also about being aware of your breath / proper breathing patterns, high levels of stability, strength, muscular endurance and balance. In golf their is a particular emphasis on functional movement required to execute a swing / perfect swing – which is why yoga is increasingly appealing to golfers. When golfers have limited mobility in their mid-back or hips, they compensate their lower back  and knees, which not only hampers their play but often leads to pain and injury. Having a properly functioning body allows a player to swing the most efficient way possible.


1. Lunge Twist:

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Increase strength in the legs  (hamstrings, quads, etc.) and at the same time allows the golfer to increase the spinal twist for more power off the tee. Which can lead to more length for your dive and control off your swing.


2. Hero’s Toes Un-Tucked:

jason heros pose toes tucked

Perfect example of the finishing of your golf swing off the tee. It also allows greater control of the golf swing and in particular the finishing motion. Opens the: achilles tendon, calf, plantar fascia, and toes – all of which allow for more power to push off.


3. Pigeon:

jason pigeon pose

So so important for the golfer to have open hips to rotate and drive the ball. Always best to open both sides / even out – golf creates imbalances do to the repetitve nature of the swing (same way / direction – all the time). Deep hip opening and opposite quad.