Many MLB Baseball Teams and Division 1 Baseball Teams are brining in certified yoga coaches to work with their athletes: Tampa Bay Rays, NY Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, Seton Hall University, Manhattan College, Columbia University, etc. Yoga For Baseball is focused on the movements that players actually does in baseball. Being strong does not necessarily mean you are strong from a baseball standpoint. One of the most important benefits to a regular yoga practice for baseball player is: Injury Prevention. By becoming more flexible, strength and power increases. In order to load and train the body properly, you need to get the maximum range and maximum strength of the muscle. Loading properly leads to more effective and efficient explosive speed and power for whatever baseball specific movement they need to improve to help an athlete perform at their highest level / maximum potential.



  1. Hero’s Pose – Toes Tucked and Un-Tucked:

jason heros pose toes tucked

This pose opens up the bottom of the pitchers foot or any position player. It also gives more flexibility, strength and power to his foot to push off. The more supple the toes are, the better the pitcher can push off his foot, leading to more force and speed (higher velocity and more control) of the pitch. Shown in the above picture is the toes tucked version of this pose, the other version is the same exact pose with your toes un-tucked.



2. Plank Wrist Turns:

Plank Wrist Turns Mantra2

This pose strengthens and challenges the abdominals, legs, plus opening the wrist joint for more range of motion in that joint. Increasing the range of motion in the wrist joint will help the pitcher hold/grip the ball easier for all different pitching grips and give the wrist and ball more snap. It also relives flexors and extensors in the forearm that could tighten up during or after a game. If to much to do on in plank to start out, you can do wrist turns on all four’s – one wrist at a time.



3. Happy Cow Shoulder Stretch

happy cow

For any position player throwing the ball or from home to second or vice versa or having a full extension in your swing as batter, baseball players needs strong and open shoulders. This is the one stretch that focuses on the anterior deltoid of the shoulder (front), which is often the tightest part of the intricate shoulder joint. This pose can be done with hands bound together or using a: belt, strap, band – do both sides.