Top 20 Recovery & Rejuvenation Tools For Athletes:

  1. Yoga – Sport Specific and Position Specific
  2. Meditation and Mindfulness for your sport- visualizations, scripting, breathe work, awareness of breathe, etc.
  3. Athletic Trainers – work with Dr’s, Physical Therapists, Rehab and Treatment (open communication across all lines)
  4. Improve Functional Limitations and Weaknesses
  5. Steam Treatment,  ART & MAT
  6. Message and Sport Specific Message Therapy
  7. Pilates and Barre Method classes
  8. Proper Assessments and Observations
  9. Sport and Position specific methods for each individual and team
  10. Flexibility and Dynamic Stretching
  11. Conscious Relaxation techniques and tools
  12. Focus on general health and well-being
  13. Listen to your body
  14. Proper diagnosis and prevention of injuries
  15. Mental Training – train the body and the mind for greatness
  16. Being and becoming aware of acute and chronic conditions
  17. Focus on improving your limitations and impairments for your specific sport and position specific
  18. Have a different voice(s), separate from the head coach or coaching staff on your team
  19. Miracle Ball Method
  20. Proper rest off your feet (without your sneakers on) – example: one yoga yoga pose below



1 Yoga Pose to help Recovery and Rejuvenation:

 Legs Up The Wall

Greenwich Water Club High School Boys Team Legs Up The Wall 2

Relives tired cramped legs. Gently stretches the hamstring and back of neck. Calms the mind. Lie on the floor and simply walk your buttocks all the way up against the wall. Your legs will extend straight up the wall, feet flexed. Arms can be out to your sides, palms face up or down. Arms can also be extended straight over head or grabbing opposite elbows gently. Stay in this pose from 3 to 15 minutes or more (eyes closed, lights out – if at all possible).