Sacrifice your lesser desires for the greater good such as: Time and Ego. Their is always something you can learn. Having a growth mindset can and will lead to improvements. You only become great at the things your willing to sacrifice for. Inconvenience: something that causes difficulty, trouble or discomfort.

Think of it as a construction project on a highway. Traffic builds up, lanes are closed, it takes extra time to get to your destination, etc. The end result will be improvement, when the project is done. The construction is temporary but the improvement will be permanent. The inconvenience will be for how ever long the construction project takes on that highway. You have a choice to make, how you handle and approach that inconvenience.

Every moment is an opportunity to make you and your team better. No matter how hard things are you have to tough it out, no matter what the situation. Striving to be great (greatness) takes consistency. How much time are you willing to put in as an Athlete to get better? You must be self accountable for yourself, prioritize, hold on to that plan no matter the inconvenience to get the permanent improvement.