If you listen to all the negative thoughts, all the complaints, all the fears, all the doubts, and all the reasons why you shouldn’t finish, come into you and take over. If you talk to yourself, you can feed yourself with the words and encouragements you need to move forward. Talking to yourself is a sign of sanity. It can be done silently or out load. Saying it out loud helps keep the visual representation of the object in your mind better. The helps you visualize it, enabling you to see it better. Similar to writing things on paper that connection vs typing on a keyboard for your computer.


The way you talk to yourself affects how you feel and how you behave. People will chide themselves for mistakes feel worse about themselves. Those who engage in positive self talk feel and act confidently. By doing this over and over and over again can rewire the brain.

  1. Talking to yourself helps you organize your thoughts
  2. Talking to yourself helps you achieve your goals
  3. Talking to yourself makes your brain work more efficiently

You need to talk to yourself with the words of encouragement to keep moving forward. Negative thoughts are nails that build a prison of failure. Positive thoughts will help you build a masterpiece. You have to prepare your mind for success.


Book Recommendation:

“The Carpenter” by ‘Jon Gordon’

“The Positive Dog” by ‘Jon Gordon’