The most crucial component of being an incredible shooter is in fact a high level of confidence. It’s important to trust your basketball shot. Confidence will arrive from copious repetition in practice of those basketball shots you’ll use / take in games.

  • Their are no restarts in game
  • You must have a Present Mindset
  • Never waste an opportunity to get better
  • You must have a bigger vision
  • Believe in self and ability
  • Model great shooters
  • Persist with determination and resilience
  • Guard your: Emotions, mind, and thoughts
  • Cultivate: Awareness and poise under pressure
  • Cultivate: Patience, discipline, decisiveness and courage

Your training time is a time to practice your skills so you can become a more efficient and effective player during your basketball games. If you hold back and don’t step out of your comfort zone when your training, running drills, and shooting – you will likewise struggle to grow as a player, and will play with less confidence through out a basketball game.