Tips for writing powerful goals. Begin with 3 main domains: personal, health and career. The fact of putting them to paper is powerful. Make them time specific – so you have a destination to achieve. Be as specific as possible with each goal – provide the: who, what, when, where, how, why, etc. Use clear specific words that demonstrate commitment! Write out the action steps as detailed as possible to achieve the goal(s). Always write goals in the affirmative + include a timeline for each goal. Revisit your goals often and revise goals if necessary. Also, put your written goals up around your house / apartment in plain view so you can see them daily as gentle reminders of what you are working towards. Plus, carry a written copy in your wallet to look at from time to time.


For the goal to come to fruition you must: think it, see it, believe it, dream it, etc. It must be thought of in your subconscious often and the graphic picture you create of it must be as real and vivid as possible. Example: I will do X Y X, I am, etc… Create and state the goal as if it you already have it. Will the goal bring you to greater happiness or is it another task to be completed? It must be something that brings you happiness. Enjoy the daily process of working towards that specific goal. Do not fight through it creating more stress and tension. The steps even if small every day are very valuable. Live it and breathe it as it has already happened. Your mind is very powerful and does not know the difference between: real, not real , dream, etc. Allow yourself to see pictures of your life as your dream. You can do anything that you set your mind to.


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