Practice the way you plan to play in a tough game at an important time. Experience a level of fatigue both mentally and physically. If you want to perform strongly, you can’t slack off in practice because what you do most of the time is what you get used to. Saving your strength in practice is counter productive.

Should you compete like you train or train like you compete? One of the greatest challenges of translating their training performance to competitive results! Be prepared as you can be to perform your best. Whatever you do in competition, you must first do in training. Second, whatever you do in training is what you will do in competition.

Athletes often practice bad skills and habits in training. If you practice bad techniques in training, that’s what you become good at, that’s what comes out in training. Either athletes compete at 70% focus and intensity or they try to kick it up to 100% focus and intensity, (big difference), but their mind and body explode because they’re not used to performing at that level of focus and intensity.