Opportunity: A chance for advancement, progress or profit. A favorable circumstance or occurrence.


Are you living / breathing in the moment? Do you feel your able to take advantage of each and every opportunity? What’s your Response to events / occurrences in your life? Are your Responses positive? What outcome are you expecting? Do you just make yourself busy and allow daily opportunities to pass you by? Nothing is given in life. Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over (the same exact way), and contintually getting the same exact outcome. Each and every day give 100% effort towards each and every task – no matter how how big or small – leads to success / positive outcomes. You never know who you will impact in a given day! A small dead / token can lead to great opportunities in the future! Take one step at a time! One brick at a time!


A connection ~3 months ago or ~3 years ago might bring about the big opportunity / break you were looking for today. If you were not present in that particular moment or past event, you could of squandered that opportunity. Take the time to create a positive response to an event, which will create a positive outcome. Progress is taking action – connecting with people, being compassionate, happy, loving, smiling, being positive, etc. No matter how small or large a step, each one lays the foundation for success / positive outcomes. Rome was definitely not built in a day. Each days actions led to the desired positive outcome. Each day spend the time (time management strategy) mastering your craft – getting 1% better – success / opportunities / positive outcomes – do not happen overnight. In the end, it’s less about luck. It comes down to your Response to an event, which leads to a positive outcome.


Create a favorable circumstance for yourself. Create the positive outcome by creating a positive response to each event / occurrence in your life. Spend time daily in self-thought / reflection. Journal down on paper your: ideas, dreams, steps to success. Watch / observe them come to life. Advancement / Success – goes to the: driven, persistent, never quit attitude, go getter, etc. Knock down the door! Knock it out the box! Take life by the horns! You’ve got one chance on this earth. Be happy – impact as many lives positively as you can, make a difference!!!