“Letting go gives us the freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness.” – Thich Nhat Hahn. A wise sole once told me that I needed to practice not being attached. When you are willing to accept that you are not in charge of outcomes, you can be fully present in the moment, connected with the inner guidance that will help you achieve your goals.

As an Athlete, focus on a sound technique. ‘Feel’ – become intimate with your shot (like a reverse waterfall). I know a shot is made before it goes in, its a feeling.

Letting go practice. ‘Meditation’ is simply sitting still and paying attention to the present moment – whether that’s your breath, your body, or what’s around you right now. The way to deal with the attachment isn’t simple and to take practice. Meditate daily, focus on the breath for a couple minutes, every morning.

When you are attached to specific outcomes, you will tend to ‘force solutions on problems.’ It’s much better to start open and relaxed about outcomes. Have goals, but don’t make them part of your happiness!