Thankful: showing Appreciated or Gratitude. A just valuation or estimate or merit, worth, weight, etc. Recognition for excellence. State of being grateful – showing appreciation, being thankful. Recognizing the importance of a source of pleasure.




Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For!

  1. Family & Friends – near & far (mother, father, wife, kids, etc.)
  2. To Be Alive – Today
  3. Our Freedom
  4. Good Health
  5. Access to: Food & Clean Water
  6. Home (roof over my head), pets, car, travel, etc
  7. Creativity: music, arts, sports, birds singing, the sun – moon & stars, etc.
  8. The Best Things In Life Are Free: walks in the park / in nature / at the beach or ocean,  etc.
  9. Access: books, internet, school, continuing education – endless opportunities available to us – social media, etc.
  10. Love & Happiness




-Journal ~1/2 things you are thankful for each day – read it back to yourself at night & review all once a week!