The Miracle Ball Method is an innovative approach to movement, whereby excess tension in our muscles gets relieved, allowing our own bodies alignment system to work. This method trains your “nervous system” whereas most other programs focus on moving your muscles. A body dialogue / body awareness is emphasized. Most exercise is designed to build muscle and muscle tone, whereas this method is designed to reduce excess tension in your muscles.


Excess tension can be the result of an accident, injury, daily stress, or misalignments like scoliosis or poor posture, etc. In an athletes case, bad or incorrect movement patterns, done over time (mostly years). Once the excess tension is relived, you will find you have more freedom of movement, as an athlete. Your muscles will become more supple. You will become more body aware. Breathing improves. Feeling this allows your body’s innate sense of balance to realign itself. Balance is one of the many key variable / foundations of movement, especially for athletes.

Through awareness our body’s own alignment system begins to help us recover (athletic recovery). The way each person’s body recovers is unique, to that person. I want to provide athletes ways to begin to feel their body, so they can recover better. In order to perform better, you must recover better! Athletes need to move from thinking about their bodies, towards feeling their bodies. All movement does not require the same effort. Too much muscle tension is fatiguing our whole: mind and body. “All parts of the body are connected and rely on the other parts to release.” Elaine Petrone.