Possibilities / Possibility (Possible): Able but not certain to happen, neither inevitable nor impossible. Capable of being done or achieved / feasible.


Possibilities in Life: What is Possible? If you can dream it, you can achieve it! The mind does not know the difference between reality, your thoughts & your dreams. If you set your mind / intention to it – the possibilities are limitless. The key is you must take ‘Action.’ – go out & physically do it. Example: Are you happy at your current job? Yes / No? Action Plan 1 – update your current resume, send out resumes to employees, post your resume to job sites, connect with people in your field of choice / network, set up job interviews, quit your job (this might sound crazy – quit!), etc.  Action Plan 2 – stay in your current job & make the most of it, work towards a promotion, etc. It’s all a choice – we all have free will – it’s up to you to direct it. Do you strive for freedom? To be happy? Take the time to put an action plan together & go out & do it – act upon it (take action). Don’t let set-backs, rejection, disappointment – stop you. There are way too many options / possibilities – to just sit still. Like the old school nike commercials that some of you might remember ‘Just Do It.’ Live Life To The Fullest!


Possibilities in Sports:  I want to play in the NBA, ok How? Example: Age 10 – find the best basketball trainer (skills & functional mobility) in your local area – train with them consistently several times a week. Find like minded friends that have the same positive values as you & love to play basketball – a plus. Conditioning / Performance – run several times a week & work out with a coach. Play / search for the best elite AAU team in your area. Set a goal to make that specific team. Search for the best High School basketball team in your area – explore options to get a basketball scholarship from them. Continue this same routine from high school into college (best division 1 college, with the best division 1 coach). Continue to practice daily on your own – work on your craft. It’s takes hundreds / thousands of hours to master your craft – each day get 1% better. Last but not least, have Fun & be Passionate in this endevour. Put in 100% each & every day in: practice, conditioning, games, aau, etc.


Possibilites in Yoga: It first starts with coming to your mat / class – daily, weekly – at home or at a studio or gym. Showing up regularly is the best option – weather you are having a good day or bad day, no matter way, no excuses. The possibilities are beyond your wildest dreams, over-time, if you just show up regularly. Things will start to slow-down – connect your breath to your movement. Try poses – new or old – stage 1, 2, 3 – anything is possible if you allow it – explore the options (they are vast). If you regularly practice vinyasa flow, try – restorative or a yin class. Each has wonderful benefits in their own way. Try different studios with different teachers – each will be unique. Just explore the possibilities – take action & just try. In Savasana at the end of class – allow/surrender to the stillness. Work towards quieting things down – let it be. Expand from a studio practice, to home practice, to daily meditation practice, etc.


In the End: Nothing is hold you back. Go after your aspirations & dreams with 100% lazar focus. Time always seems to be a barrier for all of us. Think about it – what is ‘Time?’ How can you find more time? What action can you take to be free – strive for freedom. What makes you happy on a daily basis? How can you do more of the things that make you happy on a daily basis? Are you going after the money, is that your driving force? Are you working towards helping others & making them great? Are you giving back: teaching, community service, volunteer, mentoring, etc. Find your passion & do whatever it takes to do more of that on a daily basis. Always strive towards your ultimate freedom & happiness. Make choices / take action – even if they seem extreme at first. Life is to short to not be happy & free. We only get one chance at it all – make the most of it, for you!


Suggested Reading: ‘Good Leaders Ask Great Questions’ – John Maxwell