The coaches on all levels incessant more, more, more approach interfered with: sleep, made recovery from injury more difficult, induced stress and interfered with classwork. More is more was/is a fundamental part of conventional coaching.


You’re looking for that edge. Your looking for anything and everything. As a coach, you want complete control of your players. And, if they are not under your thumb, you might tend to think something is wrong. Or they are doing something that might make them/you less competitive. If you have more hours of practice, can it make the team more competitive?

Athletes nervous systems are very plastic and sensitive: meaning they can be molded very easily by any type of training, which usually leads to over training. A sponge is only going to soak up the amount of water it can handle. Dumping more onto it won’t make it soak up any more or any faster.

All pieces of training have to fit together in the same direction, otherwise, they are doing to draw on the same adaptive energy from that person or none of them will get any better. There is no exact way (besides banned substances) that we can speed up the adaptive process in athletes. But we can certainly / definitely mess it up. Less is more!!!