This is not your stereo-typical yoga done in your daily / weekly classes at your local yoga studio…


  1. How do I teach yoga to athletes? I teach a sport specific yoga to athletes. A slower flow, more on the: yin / restorative side – always with Props. The method is specific to each individuals sport and as granular as position specific per sport.
  2. Why do I teach yoga to athletes? I teach yoga to athletes to help them recover better. Recovery in the sense of Athletic Recovery – creating a Positive Parasympathetic Nervous System Response – using the breathe as a moving meditation. I provide athletes tools to become more successful / reach peak performance both on and off the field of play. I teach Athletic Recovery / Sport Specific Yoga to help Athletes – this is not about me and my ego! Leave the ego at the door!
  3. Is yoga a specific sport for athletes? It’s not a sport in the sense of trying to do the most advanced poses and hold for the longest time or even compete against your neighbor, during the practice. Yoga does help athletes and teams, which can lead to more wins and a reduction in injuries. A healthy athlete in mind/body is one who can reach optimal performance and stay off the trainers table – be an asset to the team for the complete season and playoffs. Yoga is not a specific sport but a complement to sports and training.