There are two things that render our actions involuntary – Force and Ignorance. When we act voluntary, by contrast, we know what we are doing and we bring it about ourselves. We can be forced to act not only by physical forces but also by psychological pressures (such as a threat of pain). The distinction being voluntary vs involuntary action relates to the the ‘moment of action’ in a particular circumstance, one is not whether the action is generally desirable.

The kind of ignorance that makes us act involuntary relates to a particular circumstance of the action. You know you are aiming at (you aren’t ignorant of the end, e.g. ‘to get comfortable’), and you know the relevant general truths. (e.g. people have feet). Everything we choose to do is voluntary, but not everything voluntary is chosen. We don’t deliberate about what we can’t change, such as facts – we investigate those. Choice is what we decide upon as a result of deliberation. So is it deliberate desire regarding something that is in one’s power? Voluntary actions are under our control from start to finish.