The process of doing and taking action are the most important step(s) of all. In the end, how much do you blame your circumstances? Find it in you and find a away. The outcome is very important but not as important as the process! ‘Enjoy The Process!’ Get up daily, training physically and mentally for your sport putting in the conscious effort and time in the – gym, court, field, etc.


Set smart goals to help focus on the Now. Example: visualize 3 specific basketball plays on the court, in your mind as if they are real. Read inspirational stories about athletes that have overcome obstacles, positive success, etc. Meditate for ~5/10 minutes daily. The metal game is just as important or more valuable than the physical. They both play hand and hand but and are equally as important.


It comes down to positive thinking and positive self-talk. Believing you are the best! No one or thing can or will get in your way for success. Setbacks are bound to happen but never let them stop you. Wake up daily – hungry and determined. All the inner work will lead to great outcomes – take a: yoga, pilates, barre class, etc. Do a daily positive visualization or scripting exercise. Learn more about the inner working of you as a person. Learn what it feels like to breathe.