The aim of the cool-down is to:

  1. Gradually lower your heart rate
  2. Circulate blood and oxygen to muscles, restoring them to the condition they were in before exercise
  3. Reduce the risk of blood pooling by maintaining muscle action and heart rate, plus to pump blood back to the heart
  4. Remove waste products, such as lactic acid
  5. Reduce the risk of muscle soreness



3 Cool Down Exercises / Yoga Poses:


  1. Legs Up The Wall: 

Jason legs up the wall

  • Relives tired and cramped legs. Gently stretches the hamstrings and back of the neck. Calms the mind (eyes closed) and allows for lymphatic drainage, lactic acid release.



2. Child Pose:

Columbai Baseball Team Yoga Child Pose

  • A delight for all athletes to ease the low back from miles of pounding, running, cutting, jumping, stop and go on and off the field of play. It’s also a mild hip release and back stretch.



3. Pigeon Pose / Sleeping Pigeon Pose:

Hartford Hawks Basketball Pigeon Pose

  • Great way to open the hips and glutes. Open hips receives the stress transferred to the knee. When the hips are light, leading to less knee strain and a greater range for motion for pivoting and cutting sports such as basketball, reducing the risk to the ACL (anterior crucial ligament).