Purpose / Intention: Mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Planning / forethought / goal, etc.


How to find your purpose in life?

Not an easy question to ask or answer at all. Most people (almost all) struggle with this, some find their purpose from the time to time (inconsistent), others live life without a purpose, then there are those who live life with a purpose, etc. Finding your purpose to me – means slowing things down (stillness / meditation), a regular yoga practice, etc. These can be building blocks but are not the only way. It usually involves letting your ‘Ego’ go, pulling the layers upon layers back, digging deep down inside (an internal job). This can begin with many thought provoking questions. Write on a blank piece of paper – ‘What is your Passion’ – start  from there. Just write for 10/20/30 minutes or more. Brainstorm, scribble, free write, whatever comes out. You need to ask these questions to yourself – do the inner work / inside job to explore.


Once you have your thoughts down on paper, pause & just ‘Breathe’ – close your eyes, take it all in for a few seconds or minutes. How does it make you feel? What are you feeling?

Everyone has a purpose in life: add value to others, connect, to teach, learn, live, breathe, etc. Once you have a bit of clarity (this might take some time) – form an ‘Action Plan’ to start living on purpose. What does that mean? Set an ‘Intention’ for each day when you wake up – first thing in the am.  Few ideas: be positive, loving, caring, compassionate, kind, etc. (to yourself & others). Take it one day at a time & even break it down into smaller increments in each day: am, mid-day, pm, family time, me time, work, friends, etc.


Your energy is very contagious – the more you can live on purpose (in balance), the better you will feel – mentally, physically & spiritually. Your energy  also rubs off on others, weather you know it or not. People around you can/will sense & feel your energy. Start to add value to others, every single day. Life is a journey, ‘Allow It’ to unfold one step / one day at a time.

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