Gratitude is being able to actually be aware and notice the great gifts, people, places, things around you on a daily basis. Most of the time we do not realize or become aware of those moments until they are gone. Paying attention to what you have, and when you have it. Living in the moment – right here, right now. The precious moments with your kids at the park, dinner with your significant other, holiday gathering with family and friends, etc.


It’s also not just taking things for granted: your car will always work, alarm clock will always go off in the am for you to take up for work, electricity is on in your house or apartment, etc. Not just taking it for granted as it is but really paying attention on purpose to those little things. Taking in the sunrise or sunset just because, seeing the beauty in it and in all things in nature. Once you come to expect something, you tend not to pay attention to it. It’s very hard to pay attention on purpose, think back to your days in school 🙂


The opposite of gratitude is feeling entitled, you are above or bigger than that or them. A feeling of your to good for that. Example: The garbage man takes away your trash, he’s just doing his job. But the fact is regardless of the exact motivation, you are benefiting from his or her efforts and you can meet them with an expression of gratitude.

Always come back to your Breath. The breath will lead the way. You can’t really slow or speed up moments in life but you can be more present, live in the moment. Start a daily thankful or gratitude journal. Write down ~5 things each day, first thing in the morning when you wake up or right before you go to bed. As you begin to write them down, more and more thoughts will come to you, let them flow. By writing them down and seeing them on paper, those moments will come to life. Smile more daily and be more appreciative to those you come in contact with on a daily basis.