Mindfulness / Awareness / Mindful: State or level of consciousness where sense data can be confined by the observer. Paying attention on purpose / in the present moment & non-judgmental.


How to become more Mindful: Less is more, do less, this is a process of slowing down. It is very hard for most of us; were used to one million miles an hour or more, jump out of bed, fast shower, rush to work, speed through the day at work, rush through lunch (eat at our desk), hurry home to be with friends or family, etc. Example (1) At work – try to work on one task at a time, take your time, move a bit slower, deliberately, focus your attention on the task at hand, etc. (2) Remove yourself as much as you can from thinking to much about the past or future – focus on the present moment – right here, right now – enjoy this exact moment. (3) When talking to your significant other in the am before work, really listen and enjoy the time with them – the next thing & the future moment can wait an extra few seconds or minutes. (4) When eating any meal – slow down & savor the food, enjoy it, etc. Set your fork down each time you take a bit & slowly chew & sallow your food. In the end you’ll eat less + digest your food a lot better. (5) Spend ~5/10 minutes each day doing nothing – sit in silence, meditate, focus on your breathing, notice the world around you, become more aware of your thoughts (observe them), ask  questions & try to answer the why question (internal work), etc. Turn off the TV, computer, internet, smartphone, etc.



Mindfulness and Sport: Enhance your current awareness. (1) Baseball – how do you feel after pitching a ball in a baseball game. The umpire does not call it a strike on what you think was a strike. Do you get frustrated and upset? Now focus on your breathe, come back to the present moment, the last pitch happened, you can’t change it. Next pitch – awareness – focus on making a great pitch (relax). (2) Golf – your up one shot going into the 18th hole of a match / tournament – what thoughts are going throughout your mind?: I might slice my drive off the tee, heart racing a million miles an hour, etc. (3) Basketball – Key foul shot to win the big game in the closing seconds – come back to your breathe, scan your body – how are your feeling?, what are your feeling?, etc. (4) Hockey – the game is going into an OT shootout & it’s your turn up for the shot. Are your calm, cool, relaxed or tense & stressed? (5) Football – as the quarterback you threw an interception & sulk back to the sideline with your head down. How do you get your energy level back up & your head right, back into the game? (6) Soccer – Penalty kick inside the box – just you & the goalie – are you thinking how badly you’ll miss this shot or focused on the present moment & enjoying it?



Book Recommendation: ‘The Mental Athlete’ – Kay Porter

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