The best players in sports are usually the ones that are most often selfish. Athletes are very tough to understand, especially the selfish ones. A selfish player is someone that always wants the ball in their hands. Is being selfish as an athlete a bad thing?

If your never selfish, how are you supposed to invest in yourself? I challenge you to be a ‘little’ more selfish with your time, to do tasks that make you happy and start to say “No” to projects that are draining your time. In order to be successful, you have to be freakishly selfish with your time.

The biggest focus needs to be on doing the work, on taking the action to make your dream happen. You must maximize your intensity, and time while on the: lab, field, court, ice, weight room, trainer, recovery, etc. Every single rep counts, you can’t get a bad one back or a do over, per say. At times you might have to overcome, fight through the fatigue and focus, lock in. Inches make a champion! Time can be your worst enemy or your best friend!