If you don’t care about those you lead, you shouldn’t be a leader. Great Leaders Care! The best leaders really try to understand people. We can be too quick to rush to judgement, talk negative about others and become impatient and annoyed. Great leaders take a breath and realize that each of us are human and our challenges are uniquely individual with the right approach people can respond in positive ways.

Leaders who get to know their players are able to tailer recognition efforts and personalize the experience to the individual. Players who feel personally and consistently cared for are most likely to pay attention to their teammates and the work they do.

  1. Find as many ways as practically possible to regularly demonstrate genuine care for your teammates and coaches
  2. Practice intentional listening as a critical communication tool as a sign of engagement
  3. Make the day to day work experience as hassle-free as possible
  4. Encourage and demonstrate peer to peer care among teammates