The purpose of coaching is to improve an individual or team’s performance for their personal benefit as well as for the benefit of the organization / team. A learning coach is focused on the qualities that will make other great teachers better. The role of a coach is to instill Greatness in others! Be a teacher, inspiring, motivating people, and empowering players to do great things!

  1. The very best coaches get their athletes to believe in themselves
  2. Great coaches are great life teachers
  3. Great coaches do not let their egos and self worth get tied up in the outcome
  4. The great coaches are great communicators
  5. Great coaches continually challenge their athletes to do better and push their limits
  6. Great coaches use their athletes mistakes and failures as valuable teaching opportunities
  7. The best coaches continually challenge themselves
  8. Good coaches take time to listen and educate their athletes
  9. Good coaches are committed to developing leaders
  10. Good coaches are teachable – lifelong students of the game