Creativity: Phenomenon whereby something new and in some way valuable is created (such as an: idea, joke, a literary work, painting or musical, composition, a solution, an invention, etc.).


Fostering Creativity in Athletes / Youth Athletes:

  • Create artwork using sports equipment: jerseys, baseball glove or cleats, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, hockey pucks, ice skates, soccer balls, etc.
  • Write a story based on a sports figure – favorite athlete
  • Write a newspaper story / blog / internet article – based on a recent game they saw
  • Photograph – while traveling to different: sports stadiums, states, countries, etc.
  • Design a players card – baseball cards (if they still exist) – haha.
  • Visit museums – sports museums – NBA / NFL Hall of Fame, Yogi Berra Baseball Museum, etc.
  • Build their favorite sports trophy (mvp, championship, etc.)




Playing Team Sports – Fosters Creativity:

Introducing your child to a new sports they have never tried – such as girls field hockey. Just being part of a team in general can be a new experience & valuable. So many lessons can / will be learned outside of the family unit: winning / loosing, playing with 10 to 60 different people on a team, local travel or road trips, etc. Their is no “I” in the word TEAM. New friendships are fostered through sports. Some kids play sports to be part of team, it’s not always about all the wins that count. Local private high schools by me, require you to play a sport each season – everyone plays & picks a sport & makes a team. Their is something to just being part of team that can’t always be explained in simple words. Are the kids having fun is the questions they need to ask themselves, as do the parents. It should be ‘FUN’.  Sports are an art – you paint your own picture / canvas. How do you want to be seen? Example: NBA players create a brand unto themselves. They have their own sneakers or clothing lines named after them.




Yoga – Fosters Creativity:

Yoga teachers creative innovate & creative playlists for their students to listen to during  yoga class. Student can connect & feel an emotion for those particular music choices. Yoga teachers create thoughtful sequences of asana’s for their students to work through in class for ~1hr or so. As a student in yoga class their is lot of opportunity to play & be creative on their mat. Yoga students can try different asana’s they did not think were possible – just give it a try even if you fall, with no judgment. Your creativity as a student can also be listening to your body – when to say yes / no, when to push to the edge & back. When to do a vinyasa vs downward facing vs child’s pose or cat / caw or just rest. Maybe just sit in savasana pose for the whole class. Listen to your body – learn to create & know they self – it’s all a self exploration – paint your own canvas. Have fun & let go of the outside world & explore more of your inner self. Let go, release, relax, breath, just be, etc.



In the end, all the internal work done in yoga class / on your mat – helps create the external human being. It’s an internal job. Your happiness & joy is created by you, not by someone else. Everything starts inside – it must – creativity is an inside job. Consider starting a daily Mediation Practice for ~1/2 minutes & build it up to ~10/20 minutes or more daily. Do daily positive visualizations or sports specific visualizations for your sport. Daily positive thought / thinking can foster more positive thoughts & create a feeling of greater happiness & joy from within. The more internal work you are able to do daily, you will be able to see the world (outside) in a different light. The world (outside) has a lot to offer – it’s just a matter of your perspective. It’s how you react to situations that will create a positive or negative feeling within. Think about that going forward. Be open to creativity & the many vast possibilities it will create for you – internally & externally.


10 Creative Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is important to me?
  3. What is your uniqueness?
  4. What are you passionate about? (Never commit to anything where you lack passion)
  5. What is creativity to you?
  6. How did you get into what you do creatively?
  7. What do you do to get into your creative zone?
  8. How do you define creativity?
  9. What inspires you to be creative?
  10. Music – What is playing on your iPod?


Suggested Reading: ‘The Motivation Manifesto’ – Brendon Burchard