Everything you and your business does must follow your WHY! Your WHY is the reason you and your business exist and the purpose! What’s the one intention / objective of your business? It has to be something of a higher calling than to just make money ($). All businesses have that goal – what separates you from the rest? What is your uniqueness? I ask these questions because I find that many small businesses don’t have a reason to exist. Take away their name and logo from their website or other marketing materials and you don’t know who they are.

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You must start with clarifying the “WHY” questions? What is your cause? What is the reason your business exists? Why should a competitor buy from you rather then your nearest competitor? Cause and Belief are very powerful. They draw in the passionate crowd, ones who will read your message because it aligns with what they believe in.

Start with “WHY” is the beginning of re-inventing your business and hence setting yourself up for success. Rather than saying: “This is what I sell and this is how much it is.” Try: “This is what I believe in and why I do what I do, this is the unique why I do it and this is the product that will deliver the results for you.” Simon Sinek


Book Recommendation: Start with Why – Simon Sinek