Your 3rd Eye is located on your forehead, between your eyebrows (between the two physical eyes). It’s associated with: intuition, imagination, concentration, and focus. A person with a balanced 3rd Eye has keen: intellect, strong intuition, active imagination, and deep spiritual awareness. Those with an under active 3rd Eye often rely on authority and do not think of themselves, are rigid thinkers, and focus too much on established beliefs. In the yogic world, it’s related with the “Sixth Chakra” – the mind’s eye, and the main energy center of the body. It goes back hundreds or even thousands of years in many different traditions: Hindu, Taoism, Christian, Chinese, etc.

3rd eye1

There are many signs that your 3rd Eye is awaking: head pressure, headaches, sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, increased foresight, etc. Many ways to rebalance the 3rd Eye: walk in nature for twenty to thirty minutes a day, mediate – outdoors in nature, sitting on the grass, or sitting on the natural ground, etc. The gift here is seeing and opening up the inner and outer worlds. These gifts allow you to tune into the correct vibration and frequency with the universe.

3rd eye2

Once you open your 3rd Eye – you can and will become more present, seeing everything as it is from the point of the: “Observer” or “Witness”. It’s simply being more mindful, moment by moment. It involves a deeper: examining of self, limiting ideas and beliefs, also seeing and helping others see the deeper meaning of the situations in their lives. The 3rd Eye is the “Seat Of Consciousness.” This is where you can see not only what is going on but also know what it means and to understand the true meaning.