A golfer can’t control how fast the greens are or how his opponent plays any more than an entrepreneur can control the stock market or his competitive business. There are plenty of things we can complain about, but it’s a waste of emotional energy to focus on things we cannot control!

it’s not about what’s happening around us or what’s happening to us, it’s about what’s happening inside of us. Our biggest challenge is not the conditions or the competition, it’s ourselves. A lot of life is outside our control. Most of the time, no matter what you do, you can’t force other people to do what you want to do. For everything in life you can’t fix, there’s another part of life that you can fix. What you focus on most determines how successful you become.

Start mastering what you can control:

  • Your Breath
  • Your Self-Talk
  • Your Gratitude
  • Your Body Language
  • Your Mental and Physical Fitness
  • Your Diet
  • Your Sleep