Athletes perform better in a culture of trust. When they trust themselves, they are more confident. As a coach, we are responsible for creating a team culture in which trust can live and grow. Trust is about building relationships with individuals as well as the entire team.

  1. Be Coachable: The moment you think you know it all, is the moment you stop improving.
  2. Be Committed: Success looks easy to those who weren’t around when it was being earned.
  3. Be Consistent: It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, it’s what we do consistently.

“People buy into leaders before they buy into the vision” – John C Maxwell. This begins with Trust. Commitment, like all other basketball skills, can be molded and instilled in our athletes. To build commitment, coaches must lead by example, create a committed environment, develop a shared vision, and set measurable goals. Athletes must buy into a program before they fully commit to making the sacrifices and give the dedication that the program needs from them.