Congruence: The state achieved by coming together, the state of agreement. I meet together / I agree, coinciding or being, correspondence/corresponding, etc.


The Mental Game: Consciously wanting to win (now) but subconsciously believing deep down somehow & someway you will lose, I’m not worthy of winning, etc. Positive / Negative – thoughts are prevalent in all of us in every sport you play (you take them with you). Poor sports performance  = emotional baggage. The ego gets in the way & this tussle happens hundreds / thousands of time a day. Golfer example: I want to hit this driver 200 yards to within 5 feet of the hole (conscious). In your subconscious mind all the bad stuff comes up, such as doubt. I’ll shank this drive into the ruff, I can’t hit a great shot, I’m not capable of greatness, etc. The conflict goes on between the two – conscious & subconscious daily not just in sports but in all aspects of your lift.  Practice & allowing yourself to slow down / relax are good ways to relive these pent up feelings & emotions. This is where yoga can come in – conscious relaxation, restorative yoga, breathing, meditation, mindfulness, etc.



On Your Yoga Mat: You push yourself close to your edge but never really go over. Fear comes in that it’s to hard, I might get hurt, why try (subconscious). In the end you consciously want to try a particular – asana / pose – that’s challenging but the monkey mind gets in the way & does not allow it. Time over time you can break these repetitive patterns pushing a little further to the edge or beyond it. Overtime, your mind will become more still & you will be able to do it. You can move from your bones & let your muscles, ligaments, & tendons, all relax. Examples: broaden across the collarbone, move through a ‘Sun Salutation A’ with that in mind. Other examples: make your breathe smooth / deep & audible, move your body with your breathe,  let the breathe lead the way, soften your shoulders, remove your lower jaw from your upper jaw, lengthen the spine, lengthen the side body, etc. All these little cues connect the conscious mind with the subconscious mind & allow you to become more congruent in that particular asana / pose – in that present moment.




Team Sports: Winning is both a subconscious & conscious act. Repeated action like doing a regular yoga practice or meditation practice – try try try until you win / succeed. Mediate daily for 30 seconds to 1 minute & build it to a ~5/10 minute practice & beyond. Do a positive / sport visualization from the moment you get to the game (or the ride to the game) all the way till the end of the game – second by second, minute by minute  – run the whole thing through before it all happens with your eyes closed. Even visualize how it feels when the game is over. Your mind & body do not know the difference weather it’s real or not. In the end, the will to win / succeed becomes so strong – the subconscious thoughts subside. It takes practice & repetition daily. You will overcome & push beyond your edge just as you do on your yoga mat in class. The conscious / subconscious can come together – you will lead & grow as a leader, the team wins more & more games. Each day build upon this, each game, one win at a time. Live life daily in accordance with your: dreams, beliefs, desires, values, vision, purpose, passion, etc.


“If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always gotten.” – Gary Koyen


Congruent – Thought Provoking Ideas:

1. Keep a daily journal of what inspires you, what are you passionate about.

2. Seize opportunities & follow through on a daily basis.

3. What is holding you back from being your best / ideal self?

4. What are you good / great at? Discover your strengths.

5. Give yourself permission & time for: relaxation, recovery, rejuvenation & regeneration: take a yoga class, practice meditation, become more mindful, etc.



Suggested Reading: ‘The Mental Athlete’ – Kay Porter