Confidence: A State of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is better or more effective. A feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.



Confidence in Team Sports: The sureness of feeling that you are equal to the task at hand. Absolute belief in ability. Having the confidence to hit the game winning shot or foul shot with less than ~1 second left on the clock in a basketball game. Kicking the game winning field goal with no time left on the clock from 40 yards away in a football game. Willing your team to win, coming back from a 10 point deficit or more in the last – quarter/period/half – in a sporting match. Overcoming an injury & coming back & playing to the best of your abilities. Confidence in sports also comes from: self-confidence, self-assurance, assurance, etc. Their is not ‘I’ in the word ‘T-E-A-M’. As a member of a team, you have to get along with teammates you like or don’t like, many different diverse personalities. Sport – teaches winning & loosing, builds future leaders, instills friendly competition & also builds – swag / swagger. To win, you have to first believe in your mind that you are going to win before you win on the – court, floor, field, etc. A huge part of building confidence in sports is built through visualization, mental training, emotional training & positive thought. More & more sports teams on the college & professional level are bringing in – ‘leadership coaches’ – to help get the players through the long grueling season.


Yoga – Builds Confidence / Self-Confidence: It could be as simple as being able to do a specific yoga poses on your mat you did not at first feel was possible. Try, try, try – until you succeed. Try staying longer in – ‘Corpse Pose (final relaxation), Savasana’ – at the end of class & quiet your mind. Most people have trouble quieting their monkey monkey mind, which is OK. At first, ~30 seconds of quiet with their eyes closed, can be overwhelming, while lying still on your back. Overtime, building this up to ~1/2/3 minutes or more or until the yoga teacher wakes you at the end of class. Just coming to your mat regularly builds self-confidence. Keep showing up, coming to class no matter what life throws at you on a daily basis. The confidence you build on your yoga mat in class creates more confidence outside the room, it’s contagious. Positive thoughts: ‘You can do it’, ‘Yes I can’, etc. Yoga can push you to your edge & back – if you allow, let your guard down, be vulnerable, be free, open to new possibilities, etc. Time over time, you will persevere & overcome. Barriers can & will be broken down on your yoga mat. Having the ‘eye of the tiger’ –  complete focus & confidence to be your best.



Life in general has many up & down. It’s a balancing act – never to high, never to low, finding a middle ground, maybe even the 80/20 rule. Confidence / Self-Confidence – is an inside job, deep down internally within you. Find it in you! You must be passionate in whatever endeavor you take on in life: work, sport, travel, family, health, etc. The 100’s / 1000’s of hours you put into will pay off, it prepares you for that moment. I believe the magic number was 10,000 made jump shots or more to have a consistent jump shot in basketball. Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Steph Curry, Ray Allen – all come to mind when I think of – confidence / self-confidence – in their sport. Your preparation is everything, day over day. Putting in the time/work – intentionally without question. Not just physical practice but also mental training is just as important or more than the physical. What separates the best from the greats to the superstar is what’s between their two ears. That internal stillness – staying in the moment (in the zone, void from the minds many thoughts) – even 1/2 seconds longer is learned on your yoga mat or in meditation. Staying in that specific asana / yoga pose for 5 breathes.



5 Reflective Self-Confidence Questions:

1) Are you a confident person – not just a yes/no answer (expand on it)?

2) What are you good at – What are you passionate about?

3) Are your thoughts: positive or negative (hurting or healing)?

4) Do you feel grateful for the incredible gift of being alive?

5) What do you love to practice?



Suggested Readings: ‘The Mental Athlete’ – Kay Porter